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I understand that one of your biggest concerns is how much it cost to retain an attorney
to work for you. Most attorney’s charge the same initial minimum retainer fee to all clients.
In my opinion, attorney fees should never be the same for every case and every client!
Instead, attorney fees should be based on the amount of work that will need to be done
specifically on your case. As an example, If I retain a building contractor to construct a new
home for me, it should cost me less to build a two (2) bedroom two (2) bath 1200 square
foot home than if I build a five (5) bedroom three (3) bath 3000 square foot home because
it will take more time and material to build the larger house.

This is how attorneys should determine the appropriate retainer fee to charge a client, and
of course for a case that involves more complex issues and will require more time, the
initial retainer fee will be higher.

I base the amount of my retainer fees upon the amount of work I estimate it will take to
represent you from start to finish. For example, if I represent you in a Chapter 7
Bankruptcy case the attorney fees will be in the range of $700.00 to $1,800.00 depending
upon the amount of work involved in your case. In a family law case, the initial retainer fee
can be in the range of $1,000.00 to $3,500.00 depending upon the amount of work
performed. In my office I only get paid for the time I actually spend working on your case.
I hope this gives you some basic information on how much it will cost you to retain me to

work for you. I offer a FREE initial consultation to discuss your case, and your options at
which time I can give you an exact amount as to how much it will cost to retain me to
represent you, if that is your choice. Payment plans are available if needed.

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