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Mr. Topolski is a very good and honest person. If you are looking for an attorney who is not going to nickel and dime you this is the man to go to. When I hired him to help me he always advised me to do what was going to be in the best interest for me and my family and he never judged me. Whenever I I am stressed out and have a legal concern he always answers my questions and makes sure that when I'm done speaking to him I am not stressed out anymore.

-Nellie R. October 27


Found this business on Yelp.  He was pleasant to work with.  He completed our Estate Planning and made us feel comfortable talking about our concerns.  His Legal Secretary was most helpful in explaining what to do or not do with paperwork after she notarized the documents. We made payments and when all was paid we went for final signing.  Mr. Topolski's costs were reasonable and notarization was an extra cost-thank goodness we brought more money.

-Jennie B. September 9


Me and my husband just recently went to court, now we are waiting to see if we get the discharge we are hopeing for. Overall, everything went great he showed up on time. Helped us with any questions, felt very comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone needing bankruptcy. Always answered our questions, made us feel comfortable. The best part is that he is a very honest man. Great experience, im glad that we had chosen him.

-Bree H. May 23


He's a great, honest and genuine man. He found the best way for me to accomplish what I needed for the least expense possible. I highly recommend him!

-AK W. November 10


our bankruptcy is now closed. Was def a long journey and we wouldnt have gotten through it without him. I would recommend him 100 percent. Now we all we have to do is check back in 90 days and make sure everything went through. The best part is he always answered any of our questions the whole time. We cant thank him enough. (:thanks for the continued help!

-Bree H. August 6


We are currently waiting for our petition for bankruptcy. So far so good. He has been more than helpful. I would highly recommend him. I will keep you all up to date. When my bankruptcy is over. But you can tell he genually wants the best for his clients and i appreciate that!

-Bree H. April 12


going to an attorney is a difficult situation ,Ed put us at ease, helped us take care of the problem,put things in laymans terms we understood and made us realize things were not as  bad as we thought,i recommend Ed highly for any problem you might have!

-Karl K. July 25

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